Winery Case 11 – 15,000 case production. PR/Media Communications

I have worked with a number of PR firms. They all come with a caveat about the ramp up time and how not to expect too much right off and that they first have to redo all of our material; blame the client. Carl just started working fresh with what we had and within days had begun to introduce us to the world of wine bloggers, columnists and talk show hosts that I didn’t even know existed which then led to more main stream exposure. The difference is that the “press” knows that good publicists aren’t going to waste their time, so they always take the call. Also the timeliness is crucial. They can sense breaking opportunities and take the initiative to inform their “press “first.
They help us see ourselves and our public relations in a holistic context rather than a series of events and facts strung together and help us create a unified fully integrated program which continues to enrich the relationships they make on our behalf with those who care about wine.
The opportunities to give away free wine are legion in the wine business; Carl has the experience and perspective to help us navigate this ocean of solicitations to optimize rather than maximize our exposure. With them I feel more like a partner than a client.

Winery Case 10 – 2,000 case production. PR/Media Communications

“Carl has provided us with an invaluable service in many respects. First, he has the public relations savvy to provide direction on how to approach these wine writers. Second, provide guidance on how to craft and package the message. Third, know who to contact in a given market and for what purpose. Fourth, he has an excellent communications team to coordinate everything with respect to a given writer. Fifth, handle all the coordination for interviews, tastings, etc. that we could not have done on our own. Sixth, he is a great Tweeter!  He was instrumental in helping us be bigger than we really are in any given market with long lasting impressions in those markets. We are still seeing results long after the initial contacts.”

Winery Case 9 – Family owned, 2,200 case production. PR/Media Consulting

He says “Carl has opened doors for us that would have taken years on our own. He has a solid network and works hard for their clients success. We are very happy with the results and appreciate how responsive he is with our account. The channels of communication and regular feedback is great.”

She says “Working with Carl is the Perfect Storm. When a great product with passionate producers meets talented, tenacious and knowledgeable PR Rep, the sky is the limit. We are very pleased with the tangible results he has brought to the table”.

They both say “Wow. Still amazes me to see our name in print. Quite a rush!!! In reality, where we have had our biggest win is getting our name out there that helps with brand recognition among wine people. I think we are now far enough in the business that we don’t as often hear, “I have never heard of them”, as opposed to it is getting more regular to hear, “Yes I have heard of you”. Just moving the name recognition bar has been a big win.

Winery Case 8 – 60 Acre Vineyard with 500 Case Production. Online Marketing & Consulting

“We met Carl on several occasions at wine industry events, AVA functions, and trade tastings and eventually at IPNC (International Pinot Noir Celebration) where there may have been a bit of fermented grape juice consumed and where conversations truly flow – in vino veritas.  We know wine, we know that we have great grapes, we are systematic engineers who will work through the winemaking processes, but we also know we need assistance with marketing and utilizing marketing and publicity to generate sales — which when you make wine, what you really need is to develop a brand, get your story out there, get recognition, keep in touch with people who like you, and overall – SELL WINE to enable the continuing passion and process.  We were facing a capacity and capability issue – we tried marketing wine to people like us, our friends, people we think are our target audience,  but we are winemakers … consumers for sure, but we have a different perspective. We had an inkling, but Carl definitely knew we needed a project managed website overhaul, a winery newsletter, a new wine club setup (seriously – this was brilliant!), an events plan and collateral, and eventually a tasting room presence – all projects Carl advised on and was able to facilitate and help us implement.  Carl is the presence we need in the marketing world – gentle and persistent reminders of what needs to be done and when, loads of good suggestions and options, and an outline/format where we fill in the content and control the information, but have a structure and a schedule.”

“Carl has exhibited the all important disciplines of patience, professionalism and organization – all required if working with buy focused winemakers, who often only concentrate on production, not marketing of their products. We find that LOTS of people want to sell us “marketing” – what he did is translate “marketing” into SALES which is what producers really need and want. We’re not able to move into a new phase of consulting with Carl and will focus on email marketing, social media and content creation for the winery blog. We have a strategy and we’re now executing it, thanks to Carl’s assistance and determination”.

Winery Case 7 – 2500 case boutique-y geeky Pinot Noir producer

“The two most significant challenges that any small business needs to overcome are “time” and “money”.  It’s often assumed that the barrier to progress is simply knowledge, and therefore many consultants tailor their offerings to providing information and / or analysis.  As Karl Marx wrote, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point however, is to change it.”  So what’s all this have to do with Carl Giavanti’s approach to consulting? — pretty simple, he’s about measurable results with a fair and reasonable approach to fees and billing.”

Winery Case 6 – 4,000 case production. Setup DTC programs. New Wine Club     

“Carl helped me setup my wine club, that is to say he did all the leg work and I helped focus the direction of the club to fit my marketing ideals. He still does the “day to day” business of the club, including member communications, organizing events, pickup parties, charging cards and shipments, etc. Aside from this, Carl has been a great asset in gaining exposure to bloggers and local wine writers. He is a tenacious networker and marketer who is all about making things happen. While I can’t implement all the ideas he brings to the table, he is always coming up with new ideas which is refreshing in an industry that seems to stick to the ‘tried and true’.”

Winery Case 5 – 750 cases. Tasting Room and Wine Club overhaul and staff training

“Carl, I just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you that I could never have done all of this without you. Your knowledge of what needs to be done in the tasting room to run it efficiently has been a great resource to us. It would have  taken me a few seasons to accomplish what you have done in a very short time frame. Your conscientious work ethic and extensive knowledge has been a tremendous help to us not only in the tasting room, but  in helping us to prioritize our needs and work within our small budget in all areas of marketing and sales.  I have a much greater understanding of how to integrate our social marketing efforts into everything else we are doing.  So, anyway…I.just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your help!”

Winery Case 4 – 2,000 cases. Start up Winery needing extensive consulting and implementation services

“We first met Carl almost 2 years ago at the Indie Wine Festival in Portland.  We kept seeing him at wine events over the course of 2010, and finally decided that we should meet and discuss Direct to Consumer selling. We have lots of practical business experience, but no experience in the wine industry specific to selling and communicating with consumers. Carl suggested we go through the marketing plan process first which gave us a solid track to run on. His consulting practice seems unique in that he not only gave us advice and suggestions, but is now in the process of helping us implement those recommendations. The scope of what we needed to accomplish was significant including revising our website, setting up a shopping cart for online sales, starting a wine club, eNewsletter, deciding on offsite events for 2012. The list goes on and on, and Carl has done a great job of managing us through the process. We’ve probably embarrassed him on more than a few occasions with our statements of gratitude.”

“Another benefit of working with him is having access to his network of contacts, partners and resources within the wine industry, and knowing that he has vetted anyone he might introduce to us. We’re now in the process of interviewing candidates for Direct Sales Manager. We’d highly recommend Carl, and don’t think we would have been able to make it through the maze of activities required for an effective DTC program without him. Please feel free to contact us directly if you’d like more information about our experience working with Carl.”

Winery Case 3 – 2, 400 cases. Events analysis, management, staffing, DTC Sales

“Hi Carl, Thank you SO much for managing these events for us! I really enjoyed working with you. I appreciated your thoughtfulness, preparation, and professionalism… all a breath of fresh air! I knew that I could trust you completely and feel confident in how you represented our brand. There will be more opportunities to work together. THANK YOU for getting a good sales result for us and for managing this so wonderfully.”

Winery Case 2 – 2,000 cases. POS evaluation, DTC marketing plan, AVA marketing Association                                     

“We are a small family owned winery and certified biodynamic vineyard in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. As a business owner I am constantly working on improving our bottom line. In order to achieve this in the wine industry, without the benefits of economy of scale, my focus has been on increasing our direct-to-consumer sales.  The summer of 2010, Carl Giavanti was hired to create a marketing plan targeted to improve this area of sales. Right from the start, Carl impressed me with his enthusiastic yet organized and professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence in us as an organization, but also slowly started to generate the results we were looking for. By partnering with Carl, we have been able to increase our total direct-to-consumer sales by 25% in the first quarter of 2011.  Carl has also been very helpful in creating miscellaneous marketing materials as well as conducting cost-benefit analyzes of different public events. If you represent a small to medium sized winery and would like to boost your direct-to-consumer sales, I highly recommend Carl Giavanti.”

Winery Case 1 – 500 case Pinot Noir producer. Networking, planning and implementation of DTC sales programs

“Carl has been a great partner and resource for our small winery. We were able to take advantage of his network of wine industry contacts. He placed our wines at a retail wine bar, and conducted a successful search for a distributor for us here in Oregon. We feel like we are on the right track now that we have a marketing plan with our needs in mind and specific activities and event recommendations. He has also represented the winery at offsite consumer events. Carl is easy to work with, professional and respectful. If you have a chance to work with him I would suggest you go for it!”