Where’s the QR?

Where’s the QR?

Technology is quickly affecting my expectations for delivery of information. I had an interesting experience with this recently in downtown Portland on my way to ‘Oregon Wines on Broadway’ for a client meeting. I passed an interesting poster for a live jazz event in Pioneer Square. I wanted to know more. The poster did not provide times for the concert. I quickly pulled out my mobile ready to scan the poster with a QR code reader to capture the landing page and concert information. What? No QR code? Would I have to manually type in the website while walking and running late for my meeting? I’m not necessarily obsessed with new technology, but once in awhile one comes along that just makes sense. The low rate of adoption, particularly in the wine industry surprises me as QR Codes bridge the gap between traditional and new media, and the applications are many, not to mention the potential for competitive advantage. Well, the obvious is sometimes obscure, and after all, we are early in the development of mobile marketing. More to come soon.

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  1. Excellent insights Carl. I haven’t fully adopted using QR myself yet, but they do come in handy for things like this. I think that Google Goggles is another interesting technology that actually uses photos to search for information something like a poster with text would probably be an easy implementation of the technology. So did you ever get the info on the jazz concert?

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