What is Your Voice?

What is Your Voice?

PR is Social

Storytelling is PR

Your Voice is Storytelling

What is Your Voice?

Aren’t all of us publicists and promoters… either on behalf of our own business and personal interests, our clients or something else we believe in?

In traditional approaches to marketing and advertising, ad agencies and other marketing firms produce messaging that is distributed to print publications, on TV, billboards and other media. These types of promotions are still relevant but losing effectiveness because they are impersonal and less targeted to specific audiences.

While these traditional methods of marketing should still be part of a balanced plan, Digital and Social Media allows for live interactions, responses, comments, customer feedback and sharing… in short real time engagement. Is it any surprise that we are experiencing a major shift in marketing and communications strategies?

These online channels have gained mind share and will continue to surpass mass media because they are more customized and targeted and encourage a brand’s voice and personal point of view. What we are seeing is a move from mass marketing to relationship marketing. Your unique story can be told in a very cost effective way, and people want to know. So what is your story? What is your point of view?

What do you have to say that will resonate? How do you make your story stand out? What will people remember?

Try telling different stories to consumers; different pitches to the media; produce distinctive creative for your online advertizing. Be memorable. We all want to, need to have a unique voice. What is Your Voice?

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