Guest Article by Alan Goldfarb, wine journalist and media consultant

This really happened: In the midst of our initial meeting with a PC (prospective client), the man turns to me and says: “You have to manage my wife. I can’t. She has severe depression.” I know this man; he has severe ADD, and he wants us to manage her? Get a shrink!

But Carl Giavanti and I – in our winery public relations consultancy biz (because we prefer to work with small producers), almost every time, run into unique family situations. Sometimes we have to play the role of psychiatrist.

That’s not the case, of course, with you, dear PC. But we know that every situation, every PR campaign, every client, is unique. There are few cookie-cutter shortcuts when we take on a client (and goodness knows, we don’t take everyone as a client). That’s why it’s a great challenge – and I mean that in the best sense of the word – to ascertain the quirks and differences of each of our winery partners.

And when we do that – when we figure out the key to your puzzle – it makes it special and even easier for us to convey those qualities to the media. After all, it’s the writers who will ultimately be your messenger, who will tell your story to the rest of the world; and ultimately build your brand and in the end, sell your wine.

Oh, did I tell you we make house calls?

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  1. Great blog post. It’s useful information..A recent study suggests that PR or ‘Public Relations’ is one of the most stressful and caffeinated job in the world. Off course, look at the things that a PR consultant has to undertake.

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