PR Consulting & Media Relations

Do you have a business need related to any of these questions?

  • Why is it important to obtain Media Coverage, and how do we use it?
  • Does Media Coverage help me Sell Wine?
  • How can we develop effective Media Campaigns?
  • What about PR/Media Outreach and ongoing Media Relations?
  • How to build Brand Recognition and get reviewed in local and national markets? Click here for details.
  • How can we provide Markets Support and leverage out of state Distribution?
  • Why is having a Sampling Program important?
  • Do I need a Media Kit, and what are the components?
  • What is the best practice for Tech  Sheets versus tasting notes?
  • How can we develop a Target Media List?
  • What do Wine Writers really want and need?
  • Why do I need to work on Branding & Messaging?
  • Does Social Media help me sell wine?
  • Are Press Releases still relevant? How and when are the best used?