Carl Giavanti – A Winery Media Consultancy, strives to help small wineries get publicity and recognition for their brands. The goal is to help build brand awareness for clients; and of course, to sell their wine. I have worked with clients in Oregon, Washington and California. This PR program was launched in 2012 as part of the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon. Since then, I’ve  added writing partners to my team. Each writer brings a different set of writing skills, experience and wine industry connections.

Media outreach services are provided for small producers, and employ traditional and social publishing platforms for this public relations consultancy. I identify specific national and local media outlets, and engage longstanding relationships with print, radio, TV and online writers to promote our client’s brands. The objective is to obtain media placements – reviews, themed articles and feature stories, and ultimately to increase visibility and sales by placing the winery in front of consumers. To learn more, view Carl’s Winery in a Pay-to-Play World presentation on YouTube, and read the article on his industry blog page.

Going on the road to sell your wine? I will vett and engage media in those markets to get you, your wines and story in front of writers and radio folk in those regions who can make a difference. I work closely with your distributor, somms and retailers in each market to get a win/win/win for everyone.

Case Studies, Client Testimonials, Referrals and Results (Accolades obtained) are available upon request. Click here for Carl’s bio; and read his interview on Brand Strategies in Wine Industry Network. Email Carl at



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