Winery PR Consultants manage campaigns that obtain media coverage by pitching stories to writers and wines to reviewers.

To get different PR agency perspectives, you can read this article on Beverage Trade Network for the London Wine Competition.

Media coverage acts as a brand endorsement, helping you stay top of mind with consumers, facilitating new and repeat sales. This article in Meininger’s discusses the value of obtaining and using media placements.

Yes and No! Please read this article and decide for yourself.

Campaigns are specific to winery goals & marketing plans. Effective outreach includes newsworthy content of interest to writers.

Yes, we are able to support out of state distribution efforts by pitching, promoting and potentially introducing local media.

Wine writers/critics won’t review wines unless they can taste them. Scores, Awards & Reviews are endorsements of your wines.

Scores & Awards are proof to buyers and consumers of wine quality, and provide great content for marketing and promotions.

Media Kits include brand and background on your winery and wines, and its digital resources, in a comprehensive format.

They’re similar, although information varies. Tech Sheets are buyer and media facing, while tasting notes are consumer focused. 

Target Media lists are developed based on geography, story interests and palate preference, and also relationship and reliability.

Help them do their jobs by being responsive, reliable & giving good quote. Have all the info needed available on your website.

Wine is a zero sum game when we compete on product. Stories, experiences, relationships endure, long after wine is consumed.

Indirectly and increasingly Yes it can as part of an overall strategy. Read this article and decide for yourself.

Yes and No. It depends on the newsworthiness and context. Writers are inundated with releases. 

Fee structure is tailored to small production wineries, either monthly retainer or project based, and specific to winery objectives.

Provide access and implement whatever plan we put in place. Fees are either project based or a service agreement.

Referrals are provided on request and encouraged. Also check the website Home Page for Testimonials.

Yes, I have my own team of partners and engage them as needed for WebDev, writing copy, Photography, etc.

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