DTC Marketing Consulting

Note: I offer project based marketing consulting only. I no longer offer retainer based DTC Marketing Consulting or Services. Ask for referrals to marketing partners.

Do you have a business need related to any of these questions?

  • How does Media Coverage inform my Content Marketing strategy?
  • How can I increase traffic to my Tasting Room and Website?
  • Has your Tasting Room Staff had formal training in selling wine/wine club?
  • When is the last time you employed Secret Shopper services?
  • Are you using the latest conversion metrics and industry benchmarks to track revenue goals and unit goals?
  • Looking to grow your Wine Club membership? Still don’t have a Wine Club?
  • Are offsite Wine Events and festivals worth it? What selling events should I be doing that best fit my business?
  • Thinking about eCommerce and selling wine online? How can I boost online revenues?
  • Is email marketing still effective? What campaigns work best? How do newsletters fit my marketing strategy?
  • Need an improved Website? What does a winery best practice website look like? What are “Calls to Action”?
  • What about mobile marketing? Mobile Landing Pages versus Mobile applications?
  • Why have a Blog on our website? Why is content so important? How to plan for and create consistent content?
  • Need help navigating Social Media? What networks should I consider? How can we improve engagement?