Carl Giavanti Consulting, LLC is a specialty consulting practice setup to work with small producers. All Services are focused on the communications and marketing required to sell wine ‘Direct to Consumer’. The business premise is that small wineries are experiencing unique challenges due to market competition and distribution consolidation. This new reality has had an impact on growers, wineries, buyers and consumers.

Achieving “Earned Media” through PR/Media outreach has become extremely important for brand building, as small wineries face increased competition, and need to create “sticky” experiences, strong stories and brand differentiation to get recognized and be memorable.

The need to produce excellent and price competitive wines has called out the importance of finding new markets and better margins. Direct to Consumer sales has been identified as one such channel. Small producers must be creative and engage in nontraditional marketing efforts. A winery’s approach to telling their unique story, and commitment to marketing goals, becomes the point of differentiation.

Doing the marketing basics well is often a matter of focus, organization, and having the time to discover top selling winery DTC best practices. Everyone seems to agree that this makes sense in light of the fact that while wholesale pricing is under pressure, while consumer direct margins still seem attractive.

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